Busy, busy, busy…

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to write a post.  We’ve been super busy lately.  I was able to do a complete site re-design for URGE Party Bus.  I’m also working on a new site but can’t say anything about it yet.  Once I get it up I’ll let you guys know.

Sabrina and I had a great Valentines Day!  We took the girls to Hy-Vee Chinese for our dinner!  Nothing says love better than Hy-Vee Mongolian Beef.

We also laid to rest Grandpa Tom this last weekend.  I made the following slide show in tribute.

Thomas Carroll Meng from Steve Casteel on Vimeo.

Week in review

Hola!  Last week was a very fun week.  It started off by us going to America’s Incredible Pizza Company.  While I can’t say their food is awesome the entertainment makes up for everything the food lacks.  We did all the usual games like skeeball, air hockey and the games where you try to win 1000 tickets and only get 7 and we had a lot of fun.  It was funny though because I went to combine two of our cards so that we could play one last game and the attendant told me I had 6 attractions on our cards!  Woohoo!  So we took the girls on the go-carts and it was a blast.  Mommy ended up beating daddy twice and both girls got ribbons for coming in first place.  The girls had so much fun in the cars it was hilarious.

On Monday we celebrated our last Christmas party for 2009.  It was at Grandma Cindy’s.  I got a sweet winter hat and an awesome toolbox.  The girls scored a boatload of toys.

On Saturday morning we took the girls to their very first basketball game.  We watched the Drake vs. Wichita State men’s basketball game thanks to Nani.  To my surprise, the girls loved it.  As soon as we walked in the girls said they could smell popcorn so we went and got some popcorn.  Two buckets later they tore through some licorice.  The game was great!  Josh Young is a stud!  Although you don’t get all the instant replays like watching the game at home it’s so exciting to watch the game in person.

Last night we celebrated Baby Landon’s first birthday!  It was a lot of fun.  Landon tore into his presents like he was a pro!  He demolished his birthday cake too.  The fun had to stop when he started flinging cake and rubbing it in his head.

Fight Off the Flu and Cold

From our newsletter at work:  A few simple dos and don’ts can help keep cold and flu bugs at bay.

DO wash your hands for 15-20 seconds (the amount of time it takes to sing “Happy Birthday”).
DO use a saline nasal spray.
DON’T touch your face.
DO eat antioxidant-packed foods, such as whole-grain cereal, walnuts and artichokes.
DO beef up you immune system with a daily workout.
DON’T skimp on your sleep.
DO stock up on hand sanitizer and use it whenever you can’t wash your hands.
DON’T use pens provided at the store – bring your own.
DO drink plenty of fluids.

Need a Babysitter, Nanny or Dog Watcher?

Wow!  Ever come across a service you wish you could have used just like a week ago?  I’m sure there might be other sites out there that are similar but I just came across this one for the first time.  In case you’re wondering what site I’m talking about, it’s Care.com.  You can find Babysitters, Nannies, Child Care, Senior & Home Care Services.  They also have reviews from other clients as well as detailed profiles, available schedules and qualifications (First aid, CPR, CRN and Doula to name a few) of each person.  It’s a lot like an Angie’s List for babysitters and nannies.  Pretty sweet I’d say.  Check it out by clicking here: Find Your Ideal Sitter. Fast & Easy.

Great Place to Launch a Small Business

Anyone else see this?  According to Fortune Small Business, Des Moines is #8 on best places to launch a small business in a midsize town!  Not to shabby huh?  Not only that but Iowa also has three other cities in their small town category.  Some of the factors that went into their decision were crime rates, education, GDP, per-capita income and population growth.  I think one thing the magazine left out is the fact that Iowans are just cool people.  Check out the article here.

Week in Review

Last week was a busy week.  On Monday I was in St. Louis.  The original plans were to come back on Wednesday but because of the snow storm headed our way we decided to come back Tuesday night.  On Wednesday I had to take one of the buses to get a window replaced because some idiot broke one while they were on it.  I went down to the buses and bus #2 had a flat tire.  So I had to schedule someone to come out and get that fixed.  So, on Thursday I went back to take the bus out and it wouldn’t start!  It could have been because it was 2 degrees out with -20 wind chill.  So, Greg (one of our bus drivers) and I decided we’d try again on Saturday morning.  After two hours of sitting on the generator, a whole can of starting fluid and 45 minutes of charging the batteries it finally started!  Woohoo!  So, as soon as that was done, I had a gig to do later on that I needed to get ready for that didn’t get over until 1:30am.  I finally laid my head to rest at 2:30am that night (morning) and had to be up at 6:30 to get ready for a bridal show starting at 10:00am.  Everything went smooth at the bridal show and Tony, Kevin, Cory and I were able to book a couple of DJ gigs, bus gigs and it looks like one photo gig so far.   Sabrina, the girls and I finished out the week by going to Monterry and enjoyed some good ol Mexican food.

Looking for a good book?

Little Gold Book of YES! Attitude - Jeffrey GitomerOkay, so part of my New Years resolution was to be a positive person right?  Well, I’m a fan of Jeffrey Gitomer and he has a book called Little Gold Book of YES! Attitude.  It’s pretty easy to read and get’s you thinking positive.  The book is a little geared toward those in the sales profession but I think everyone can benefit from reading it.  It will make you think about your daily schedule and how you can apply your time to more positive things rather than watching TV.

Buy the book today, click here.

Steve’s New Year’s Resolutions

Okay, so this year I really want to make a difference in my life.  Here is my list:

1.  Lose weight.  What’s a list of resolutions without losing weight?  I’d like to drop 20 pounds.  First thing to go is pop, or for my relatives in California, soda.
2.  Stop being negative.  I have a real bad problem of looking for the negative in things.  I’ve been trying to work on it the past couple of months but I’m going to make it a priority now.
3.  Blog more.  I’ve been wanting to do it for a long time but have never set aside any time to do it.  2010 is the year!
4.  Volunteer more.  Last year I had the opportunity to work on a Habitat for Humanity house.  It really felt great at the end of the day to see what our team had accomplished.  I would like to dedicate a day a month at a minimum to help out.
5.  Be an awesome father and husband.  Last year it really hit me how much time I spent watching sports.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s always fun to sit back and watch a game.  Unlike sports though, you can’t record life on your DVR and catch up with what happened.  So, I’m turning off the TV and hanging out with my family.  Besides the extra time I’ll have with the family, I’ll have more time to do the other things on my list.
6.  Help out around the house more.  Sabrina does everything around the house right now.  If I help out then it should cut the time it half and give us more family time.  She gets to pick what I get to do and I have to do it!
7.  Overall, I want to make a difference.  A difference in my own life, around my home, with my family and with my community.  I want 2010 to be different from all the other years.

Site updates

Okay, so after further review it looks like we lost all of our photos and links after the transfer.  So, I had to do some updating this morning to bring the site back to where it was before the transfer.  I also took a look at a new theme and found one I think I like.  What do you think?