Weekly update

Yo!  I’m writing today from the Playplace at McDonalds!  I take the girls here all the time and watch other parents bring their laptops so I figured I’d try it out tonight.  Not too shabby.  Girls are entertained and so am I.

This last week didn’t have too much action.  I went to a photography meetup of Des Moines area photographers.  It was a great time.  I was able to meet some really talented people and also talk about some really cool gear.  Thanks to Kevin Hillabolt for inviting me.

I was able to put a sump pump in our basement too.  I think it’s helped out tremendously already.  It shoots out about five gallons of water every ten minutes so I’m glad we got it in before any more rain comes.

Other than that it was the same ol fun time at the Casteel’s house.

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